About Wendy

I have 25 years of experience as a Physiotherapist working in a range of areas, creating a unique skill set to help you reach your goals. I work holistically and functionally using a mind-body-movement approach and I invest time teaching you tips and tricks to continue your own treatment away from the table or mat, in your own time to support long term sustainable changes. I am known for my unique ability to get to the bottom of persistent or long-term issues that sometimes have also been resistant to other forms of treatment. I regularly see people from all over Adelaide and country areas for consultations and also consult via telehealth.

Since opening Energy + Motion, I have also attracted key international Women’s Health Physiotherapists to teach at the centre, and have been invited to assist teaching both here and interstate alongside internationally renowned Physiotherapists and I will continue to offer excellence in postgraduate education through the clinic.

I draw from a range of tools including hands-on release and mobilisations, acupuncture and dry-needling, exercise, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, health, pain and movement science, as well as mindfulness and relaxation techniques to create a treatment programme that suits you.

I have a strong personal focus on cultivating a healthy mind and healthy body. I enjoy making a difference and working in partnership with you so you can discover and learn the tools to recover and re-establish vitality, ease and wellbeing.

I have developed and run new programmes including Falls & Balance for the elderly, the 3 week Persistent Pain Management Programme (COPER), innovative Pregnancy Aquatic Programmes, Postnatal Recovery Workshops, Baby Massage and Nurtured Mumma Birth Education workshops for couples.

I am actively involved in local and international sports, women’s health, birth, wellbeing and Physiotherapy communities. I am a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Australian Continence and Women’s Health group.

I have enjoyed mentoring and teaching undergrad Physios at the University of South Australia and post graduate Physios in Australia and the UK.

Career highlights have included assisting world renowned Physios Diane Lee and Linda-Joy Lee teaching their 12 day Integrative System Model (ISM) and Linda-Joy Lee’s Sporting Pelvis course course in London, Holly Herman in her Advanced Pelvic Course in Adelaide and being invited to assist Robin Kerr teaching Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) in Queensland.

Other highlights have included living and working overseas and travelling. Adventures included cycling up many mountains including Mont Ventoux, parts of the Italian Alps, Dordogne and Pyrenees and hiking through the Annapurna region of Nepal which was amazing.

Birthing and raising my two gorgeous children (you can call me biased!) has been extraordinary, teaching me in so many ways. Through having children I have also discovered a truer sense of self, resilience, love, connection, healing, tenacity and passion which serve me well personally as well as professionally. They are my greatest teachers.


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