Experience a fresh, innovative holistic Physiotherapy approach supporting you through aches and pains, injuries and accidents, surgeries, persistent pain and complex conditions and changes throughout the life stages. We offer longer than average Physiotherapy appointments, with one hour initial consultations as standard.  Investing this time in you enables us to be able to listen to your concerns and discuss your goals in a relaxed and private atmosphere, and also thoroughly assess and treat at your initial visit. We use an integrated top to toe approach to get to the root of any issues. We teach you tips and tricks to help from day one so you can effectively continue your therapy away from the treatment table or the mat. We make sure that any home programmes are easy to follow, time efficient and effective so you can feel that you are making a difference. We use an active approach to therapy and we provide follow up reviews as needed to help you make progress without needing endless appointments. With extensive experience and expertise we are able to offer a range of integrated treatment options at Energy + Motion.  Physiotherapy treatment options include hands on therapies, active rehabilitation and exercise, Reformer Pilates, blended Yoga and Pilates mat classes, acupuncture and dry-needling and pain management approaches. We also offer specific women’s health and continence Physiotherapy, pregnancy and postnatal care and birth preparation including couples education sessions. We can also measure and fit for a variety of braces and support belts, tubigrip, SRC medical grade pregnancy and postnatal support garments and hire and sell both Obstetric and Pain Management TENS machines including individual instruction.’ Our main concern is you, your health, your wellbeing.
So many people suffer with various issues that can be helped by integrative Physiotherapy.  Pain and restriction, and loss of control, balance and co-ordination are common but CAN BE HELPED. Persistent issues can significantly impact you and your loved ones, affecting work, relationships, mental and physical health, sleep, intimacy and everyday life and enjoyment.
We can help you find a better way of living. Working with us at Energy + Motion can be life changing.